What’s this blog about?

Keeping a journal over a period of time is useful for reflection on how we behave. Reviewing a series of entries looking for recurring themes, common feelings, consistently helpful or problematic thoughts/ideas, and action-tendencies can reveal a lot about us, and provide input to a roadmap for modifying our behaviour.

That’s one of the reasons I’m starting this blog. The self-reflection parts are not meant to be of much interest to anyone but myself, but I suppose there are some nosey types (like me) who will read it because they like to observe. We’re all the same you know!


Oh, another reason for the blog is for keeping notes about what I’m doing and where I’m going with some of the ongoing photography projects I’m working on – kind of like a public notebook.

I’ll try to add one of my own archive photographs along with each post to keep things visually interesting and add a bit of variety!

What’s this blog about?